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Aplis Solutions


Who are we?

In a world of rapidly evolving technologies, Aplis Solutions is a technology and process integrator with an extraordinary attention to detail. Our essence is based on trust and recognition of the uniqueness of each client. We do not strive for a one-stop solution, but we look for a comprehensive approach that fully meets all your needs. The result of our efforts is a complete solution that not only meets all functionality requirements, but also offers tangible benefits in the long run.


ICT Analysis:

We offer in-depth ICT analytics to ensure you're always at the forefront of innovation.

Enterprise architektura.jpg

Enterprise Architecture Services:

We are based on the proven TOGAF 9 methodology, which allows us to design an architecture that is robust and flexible at the same time.

HW a SW.jpg

Selection of HW and SW suppliers:

With our knowledge of the market, we can help you choose the best hardware and software suppliers.

Project management.jpg

Project Management:

We apply a PRINCE2 methodology, supplemented by post-implementation monitoring, to ensure that your projects are successful from start to finish.


Security Solutions:

We offer comprehensive security solutions, including cybersecurity, for maximum protection of your data and systems and the entire enterprise.

Auto proces.jpg

Process Automation:

We specialize in integrating the APLISO process platform into your existing ERP systems.
With  the use of IoT and AI, we  ensure the optimization and automation of your processes.

ERP - Qi.jpg

Implementation of Qi ERP solution:

We offer the expertise and experience to implement this solution to maximize your business.


Data Analysis and Business Intelligence (BI):

We help you extract, analyze, and visualize your data to better understand your business, identify trends, and make informed decisions. In this way, you can  improve your company's strategic decision-making and competitiveness.

Specialized projects:

We are proud of our involvement in IoT projects in the field of SmartCities and Industry 4.0. We cooperate with CIIRC CTU as part of the SmartCity – City Centre of the Future programme. As part of this cooperation, we use laboratories in cooperation with the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics CIIRC CTU.


We guarantee you partnership and support throughout the entire process of implementing the solution.

Your future is our priority. Work with us to discover how we can overcome technological challenges and succeed together in today's digital age.

We provide a free consultation for all services

Your successful business is our priority, so we will be happy to help you find the best solutions and answers to your questions. Start with us and together we will achieve your goals.


Aplis Solutions s.r.o.

Revoluční 767/25

110 00 Praha

DIČ: CZ29127548

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