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Choose the ideal module for your business: LEGISLATION, BUSINESS & OPERATIONS

Directives – directives and regulations, supervision of the validity and adoption of directives by employees.

Records management – records management, data message management and trusted document storage.

DMS – overall management of documents and administrative processes.

GDPR – administration of personal data agenda in accordance with legislation.

CyberComply – daily management of digital asset protection processes in accordance with the Cybersecurity Act.

OHS – daily occupational safety management. Deadlines, documentation, roles, responsibilities and incidents.

WhistleGuard – an effective internal whistleblowing system according to the Whistleblower Protection Act.

ESG – daily management of the entire ESG agenda. Deadlines, documentation, roles, responsibilities, integrations and reports.




LEVEL 2  PROVOZ-var5.png

Production – reporting on production progress and performance of tasks.

Assets – records of company assets according to individual categories, documentation.

Fleet – management of the company's fleet (inspections, insurance, operations, drivers).

Projects – management and supervision of projects.

Travel – processing business trips (application, approval, administration, billing).

HR – human resources management, centralization of employee agenda.

MESAI – Manufacturing Execution System (MES) using artificial intelligence (AI) is a software solution that actively increases the quality and efficiency of production processes.

IoT – automation and digitization of processes through sensors.

LEVEL 2 OBCHOD -var5.png

Purchase – management of issued orders and received invoices, OCR extraction.

Sales – approval of issued invoices, management of orders, matching of received orders with issued invoices.

Contracts – management of contracts and their amendments. Connection to the Register of Contracts.

CRM – central management of client data. Management of business activities.

Costing – pricing, checking and approving quotations.

AI – marketing and sales automation using artificial intelligence.

BI – analysis of consumer behaviour, estimation of market trends, sales forecast or improvement of customer experience.

Plan – business planning supported by financial modelling, scenario creation and return evaluation. This makes it possible to estimate the consequences of different scenarios of future development and increases certainty and efficiency in decision-making.

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