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The APLISO PROJECTS module is a revolutionary project management solution that allows you to achieve outstanding results and stay at the forefront of your industry. This solution is designed to help you achieve your project goals with maximum efficiency and professionalism.



Imagine that you come to the office and find that your projects are in chaos. When you look at the execution plan, you'll find that your teams are struggling with unfinished tasks, confusing instructions, and unclear goals. This is not only frustrating, but also costly and can seriously jeopardize the success of your projects.

Without the right project management tool, it can be hard to keep everything under control. Delays, overbudgets, and disgruntled customers are just a few of the difficulties you may experience. This situation can lead to serious financial losses and damage to your reputation.

This is where APLISO PROJECTS comes to the rescue. This module has been designed to help you master all the challenges associated with project management. With us, you'll be able to keep track of project progress, manage risk, and make sure everything stays on schedule.

We have helped many clients who have faced similar problems. Thanks to APLISO PROJECTS, they have managed to transform their projects from chaotic to efficient and successful.

We offer you the opportunity to use APLISO PROJECTS - a module based on the PRINCE2 methodology, which is designed to meet the highest standards of project management. The module emphasizes feedback and continuous learning, allowing you to continuously refine your practices and increase the likelihood of success for your projects.

Don't wait for your projects to fall into chaos. Start using APLISO PROJECTS today and see how your project management improves. Contact us for more information or to order a demo. We are here to help you achieve success in your projects.

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Main features:


1. Based on PRINCE2 methodology: The module is designed to take full advantage of best practices and principles PRINCE2, ensuring a systematic and structured approach to project management.


2. Clear governance: With integrated governance tools, you can easily track project progress, manage risk, and ensure everything stays on schedule.


3. Continuous Learning and Improvement: The module emphasizes feedback and continuous learning, allowing you to continuously refine your practices and increase the likelihood of success for your projects.


4. Multifaceted benefits: Whether it's on-time delivery, cost-effectiveness, stakeholder satisfaction, or excellent project results, APLISO PROJECTS offers you a range of benefits to help you achieve your goals.


PRINCE2 (Projects in a Managed Environment) is a project management methodology that focuses on organizing, managing and controlling projects from start to finish. The basic elements of PRINCE2:

The Seven Principles:

1. Continued business justification

2. Learning from experience

3. Defined roles and responsibilities

4. Phased project management

5. Exception Management

6. Product Focus

7. Adapting the project environment

Seven themes:

1. Business case

2. Organization

3. Quality

4. Plans

5. Risk

6. Changes

7. Progress

Seven processes:

1. Preparation of the project

2. Initiation of the project

3. Stage management

4. Product Supply Management

5. Stage boundary management

6. Exception Management

7. Closing the project

PRINCE2 offers a flexible approach that can be adapted to different types of projects and organizations.

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