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Welcome to the website of APLISO – your partner for digitalization, streamlining your business.

Our journey began 30 years ago with a simple vision – to simplify and streamline the business processes of companies and strengthen their competitiveness.

Apliso has a modern modular architecture. It consists of 24 modules divided into 3 areas:

Choose APLISO and simplify your business.

Choose the ideal module for your business: LEGISLATION, BUSINESS and OPERATIONS

If you are interested in optimizing processes, monitoring and automating key activities, or you need an effective data integration tool, then APLISO  is the right path for you.

We offer you a solution that will allow you to achieve your goals and increase the efficiency of your work.


Solutions and excellent results

We believe in the individuality of each company. That is why our experienced staff is ready to help you set up individual modules according to the needs of your company. With their help, we will provide the necessary tailor-made settings that perfectly match the specific requirements and processes of your organization.

Your satisfaction and success are our goal.

Not sure if APLISO is the right choice for your business? We have great news for you.
We offer the opportunity to try the full operation of APLISO for 1 month completely
free of charge.

We want you to see for yourself that our solution really meets your needs and increases the efficiency of your business. Give us a chance to show you the results, contact us and take advantage of our offer.

Together, we strive for excellence

In today's competitive business environment, recognizing the uniqueness of each business is crucial. We recognize this uniqueness and approach it with respect and expertise. Our team of specialists is here to provide you with tailor-made solutions that reflect the specifics of your business.

By deeply analysing your needs and requirements, we create modules and settings that allow you to achieve optimal results. Our cooperation with you is based on mutual trust and a professional approach.

Your satisfaction and success are key to us. We are here to support you on your way to achieving your goals and to create success stories together.


Enter the world of APLISO.

With our platform, you not only get a powerful content and process management tool, but also modular flexibility that allows you to unleash the full potential of your organization.


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