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APLISO Module Plan

Revolutionary Integration of Process Automation and Financial Modeling

The APLISO Plan module is a breakthrough solution that cleverly combines the robust process automation capabilities of the APLISO platform with the sophistication of Invest for Excel®. This combination creates a tool suitable for capital budgeting, financial modelling and evaluation, and upends the way businesses plan, analyse and grow.

Invest for Excel®: Your Gateway to Advanced Financial Modeling

Invest for Excel® is at the forefront of financial software, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for capital budgeting, financial modeling, and evaluation. Trusted by thousands of businesses and nonprofits around the world, the software takes decision-making to the next level, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and strategic insight.

Plan with unusual precision

The APLISO Plan module allows you to define periods and conditions with unprecedented flexibility, allowing you to set precise requirements for resources and customer acquisition goals. This precision ensures the profitability and success of your projects while leaving nothing to chance in your pursuit of excellence.

Drive growth with clear ROI information

The module allows you to compare alternative projects by simulating different business outcomes. This feature allows opportunities to be prioritized based on their potential return on investment (ROI), ensuring that every decision you make is informed and strategic.

Optimize your financial strategy

Maximize your financial potential by fine-tuning the project's economics. The APLISO Plan module allows you to quickly test different prerequisites and create plans that set you up for success and dlouhodobou udržitelnost.

Versatile and comprehensive

Invest for Excel® is a good fit for a wide range of business needs, including capital budgeting, project economics, business planning, appraisal, profitability analysis, cost lifecycle, downstream testing, project financing, cash flow modeling, mergers and acquisitions, and much more. Whatever your business or project is about, Invest for Excel® provides you with the tools to simulate different scenarios, assess profitability, and cash flow with accuracy and ease.

Time efficiency and improved quality

Invest for Excel® includes a pre-built model that includes formulas, financial statements, analyses, and functions, saving you a lot of time. Proven, tested, and protected formulas ensure the quality of your work, raising it to best practice standards.

Standardization and ease of use

Experience common understanding and comparable outcomes across your organization with the standardization offered by Invest for Excel®. Its fast modeling, logical functionality, and useful features make it incredibly user-friendly, even for those who are new to financial modeling.

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