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The APLISO OHS module is an essential tool for all organizations that want to increase their standards in the field of occupational safety. With this module, organizations can achieve greater operational transparency, minimize risk, and strengthen their reputation for security compliance. If you have more questions or need more information, we're happy to help!



You know how it is with workplace safety. It's always on the edge. You need to be sure that everything is working as it should, that everyone is complying with the regulations and that nothing will happen. But any small oversight, any mistake, can lead to serious problems. Incidents, accidents, damage to the company's reputation, fines for violations. And if you're a manager, it's up to you to take care of it all.

The problem is that occupational safety management is complicated and challenging. You need to track deadlines, manage documentation, delegate roles and responsibilities, respond to incidents. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. You constantly have to learn new regulations and standards to stay compliant with the rules. It's a struggle every day. And if something goes wrong, if you miss something, it can be disastrous.

This is where APLISO OHS comes in. This module has been designed for you, managers who struggle with occupational safety management every day. With APLISO OSH, you can automate and optimize routine tasks, monitor and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and standards, systematically organize deadlines, documentation, and assign roles and responsibilities. In addition, in the event of accidents or incidents, you can react quickly and efficiently.

You won't have to deal with it alone anymore. With APLISO OSH, you will have the tools to monitor and supervise all activities. You'll be able to set up alerts for potential deviations or violations. And if an incident occurs, you'll be able to respond quickly and efficiently, minimizing impacts and ensuring issues are resolved quickly. With APLISO OSH, you'll gain 

greater operational transparency, minimise risk and strengthen your reputation for safety compliance.

We offer you the opportunity to try APLISO OHS. If you are looking for a solution to help you manage occupational safety, APLISO OHS is the ideal choice for you. It is a comprehensive system that will cover all aspects of occupational safety management and will be a great tool to make your life easier.

Don't wait until something happens. Take the step now and improve the safety of your workplace with APLISO OH&W. Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more information and help you set up the system. It's time to move to a safer and more efficient workplace with APLISO OSH.

Main features:


1. Automation and optimization: APLISO OSH simplifies and automates routine safety compliance tasks, saving time and reducing the possibility of errors.


2. Compliance and Audit Management: The module is specifically designed for occupational safety, allowing organizations to monitor and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and standards.


3. Organization and delegation: The system systematically organizes deadlines, documentation, and assigns roles and responsibilities, ensuring that all aspects of occupational safety are properly managed.


4. Rapid Incident Management: In the event of accidents or other incidents, the module allows for a quick and efficient response, minimizing impacts and ensuring that issues are resolved quickly.


5. Audit Trails and Alerts: Managers and safety inspectors have tools at their disposal to monitor and oversee all activities, with the ability to set alerts for potential deviations or violations.

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