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The APLISO RECORDS MANAGEMENT module is designed to help you move to digital document management, which brings many benefits such as increased efficiency, reduced need for physical storage, and a more sustainable operating posture. With this module, your organization can achieve a higher level of efficiency and security in the field of document management and comply with legislation.



One of the biggest challenges that many organizations face today is document management. Paperwork, finding documents, storing them, and sharing them can be frustrating and often inefficient. This leads to slowed productivity, loss of valuable time, and increases the risk of errors. Do you also feel overwhelmed by papers and folders?

Imagine losing an important document or contract. It can lead to serious consequences such as financial losses, legal issues, loss of trust from customers and partners, or even fines from regulators. Yet, many organizations still rely on outdated document management practices to increase such risk.

Fortunately, there is a better way. APLISO RECORDS MANAGEMENT is a powerful tool that converts your documents into a digital format, ensuring fast and smooth access to information. Our solution delivers comprehensive document management, secure storage, and real-time collaboration.

We've already helped many organizations transition to digital document management. Our results speak for themselves: increased productivity, reduced storage costs, increased safety and efficiency. We have helped our clients transition to more sustainable and efficient practices, enabling them to achieve better outcomes.

With APLISO RECORDS Management you benefit from an advanced digital document platform, advanced encryption and a permission-based system for the protection of sensitive information, and an electronic records management system for professional document management. All with a friendly, easy-to-use interface.

What needs to be done? Contact us today for a free consultation. We will show you how APLISO RECORDS MANAGEMENT can bring the benefits of digital document management to your organization. Start using APLISO and see how easy and efficient document management can be.

Main features:


1. Digital Document Platform: It allows you to create, manage, and  store documents and files in a digital format, ensuring quick and seamless access to information.


2. Secure storage: The system places great emphasis on security. It uses advanced encryption and permission-based access to protect sensitive information.


3. Real-time Collaboration: Allows team members to collaborate on documents in real-time, increasing productivity and efficiency.


4. Electronic Records Management System (eSSL): This is an information system for professional document management and electronic records management. It keeps records of both electronic and paper documents.

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