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Our company has the honour of working with one of the leading players in the tyre market. With a turnover of more than 7 billion crowns and a profit of almost 500 million crowns, this company is not only a huge success, but also a proof of perseverance and vision. Over more than three decades on the market, they have built a strong position with strong European roots, which they are now expanding around the world, from the Czech Republic to exotic destinations such as Sri Lanka and America.


They started in Prague in the first half of the last century and since then they have been synonymous with quality and reliability in the field of tires for agriculture, construction and two-wheeled vehicles. With deep roots in history and a vision for the future, their products support the daily challenges of workers in various sectors and influence significant parts of the global market by working with leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Our client is a perfect example of the combination of traditional values and modern business, European quality and global presence.


In this day and age, when speed and efficiency play a key role in the business world, business travel management is a crucial element for the successful operation of a global business. Imagine a company with thousands of employees traveling around the world for business meetings, conferences, or research. Well, the trip itself can be useful, but the subsequent administration is a nightmare for many.


In such a large company, there are often complications with the submission of travel orders, the approval of costs or the tracking of all expenses. When you add to this the paper forms to which all this information is tied, it can be a real labyrinth for employees, accountants and managers. Not only does all this consume valuable time, but it also leads to mistakes, misunderstandings, and unnecessary costs. Employees often face delays in approving their costs, which can lead to financial irregularities. Accountants, on the other hand, often encounter a lack of information needed for proper data processing and payouts.


It is clear that the traditional way of managing business travel is no longer sufficient for modern businesses. That's why we prepared a comprehensive solution for our client that digitizes and automates the entire process from start to finish.


With our system, employees now have the ability to easily enter, track, and approve their business trips, saving them time, increasing productivity, and reducing stress. The company's management now has an overview of all costs and can effectively monitor and manage its budget. Most importantly, our solution brings transparency, savings and peace of mind in today's hectic business world.

The main features of APLISO TRIPS that were key for this company:

1. Intuitive travel requests: Employees can easily submit business travel requests with an automated approval process.

2. Transparent approvals: The company is now always up-to-date when it comes to business travel and can trust that all trips are in accordance with its internal rules.

3. Detailed travel management: Leaders have comprehensive information on all business trips, allowing them to better control costs.


Our goal has been, and always will be, to help companies achieve their business goals through innovative and effective solutions. We have succeeded with this company and are proud of the results of our partnership.


7 years of cooperation, 1000 users, 100,000 documents + tasks/year, 7 modules

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