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Our company has the honour of working with one of the leading players in the tyre market. With a turnover of more than CZK 7 billion and a profit of more than CZK 484 million, this company is not only a huge success, but also a testament to perseverance and vision. Over more than three decades on the market, they have built a strong position with strong European roots, which they are now expanding around the world, from the Czech Republic to exotic destinations such as Sri Lanka and America.


They started in Prague in the first half of the last century and since then they have been synonymous with quality and reliability in the field of tires for agriculture, construction and two-wheeled vehicles. With deep roots in history and a vision for the future, their products support the daily challenges of workers in various sectors and influence significant parts of the global market by working with leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Our client is a perfect example of the combination of traditional values and modern business, European quality and global presence.


Corporate asset management is the cornerstone of any company's success. And when it comes to a multinational corporation with an extensive product portfolio, numerous production plants and thousands of employees, this issue becomes all the more complicated and critical.


Anyone involved in corporate asset management is aware of the complexity and importance of this task. In our digital era, it is crucial to have quick access to relevant information, archive data correctly, and maintain transparent and up-to-date records. However, when these processes are not optimized, they can quickly lead to clutter, administrative burden, and potential errors.


Our client faced just such challenges. The existing asset management system was lengthy and caused unnecessary complications. Administrative staff wasted the night searching for data in complicated documents. Some important information was lost in the flood of paper forms, which led to errors and slowed down processes.


With the introduction of APLISO ASSETS, we have brought this company to a new level of asset management. Our solution has been completely tailored to their specific needs and requirements. Thanks to automated approval processes, which were designed in accordance with their organizational structure and type of activity, we have achieved much higher efficiency and elimination of errors. Now, management and employees in all locations have access to the information they need in real time, allowing them to make quick and accurate decisions.


One of the most significant benefits of our solution is the reduction of administrative burden and costs. Our client has now saved not only valuable time, but also a significant amount of funds that were previously spent on lengthy and often inaccurate manual procedures.


APLISO ASSETS has brought the company not only technological progress, but also the peace of mind of knowing that their assets are managed efficiently and modernly. This solution now allows them to fully focus on their core business activities, with the certainty that the management of their assets is in safe and reliable hands.


As a specific reference, this project is a testament to our dedication and ability to provide tailor-made solutions to our clients, regardless of size or industry. For this multinational company, APLISO ASSETS was not just another tool, but a key partner on their way to more efficient and modern asset management.


7 years of cooperation, 1000 users, 100,000 documents + tasks/year, 7 APLISO modules

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