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References - Production


Our company is proud of its prestigious partnership with a leading player in the field of gas station equipment. This distinguished company, which specializes in high-technology dispensers, control and monitoring systems, and many other accessories, is not only a leader in the industry with a long tradition, but also a demonstration of innovation and quality. With an impressive turnover of CZK 300 million, a profit of CZK 19 million and a strong team of 100 experts, this company exports its first-class products to an incredible 40 countries around the world. This clearly reflects their unquestionable position in the market and the high level of trust they have earned.


The company was looking for a way to further optimize its production processes and improve visibility. While they were already a major player in the market, they faced challenges in tracking and managing the completion of production tasks. Our cooperation with them led to the implementation of APLISO VÝROBA - an advanced solution with many important elements:


1. Production Progress Reporting: It allowed them to monitor every step of the production process in real-time, giving them an instant overview of the status of each product and its current status.


2. Task Execution: This feature helped them efficiently assign tasks to each team and track their progress, ensuring that all tasks were completed on schedule and to the highest standards.


3. Intuitive interface: This allowed the entire team to adapt quickly and use the system effectively, regardless of their technical skills.


4. Integration with other systems: APLISO MANUFACTURING was easily integrated with their existing systems, giving them a smooth and coherent overview across all departments.


5. Safety and reliability: They had peace of mind knowing that their valuable data was safe thanks to our top-notch security features and regular backups.


Thanks to these key features, the company has not only improved its internal processes, but also strengthened its market position, achieved greater efficiency and increased customer satisfaction.

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