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We have many prestigious customers in our portfolio, but one of them is significantly different in its long tradition and expertise in the field of technology for petrol stations. This Czech company, which has been on the market since 1862, specializes in the development, production and supply of technologies for pumping, measuring and dosing liquid and gaseous fuels. In addition, it is dedicated to the production of specific accessories for petrol stations. Although we will not mention their name, it is very likely that you have already encountered their products, as they are presented on the international market under a strong brand that is known all over the world.


This company, with an impressive turnover of almost CZK 260 million and a profit of CZK 25 million, is not only a strong player on the market, but also an employer for more than 120 professionals. Their approach to business is unique – they provide tailor-made solutions, tailored to the specific needs of customers. It is an example of how a business can combine history with modern business practices and innovation. When we work with such a customer, we know that our partnership will be strong and long-lasting.


For such a prestigious company as we have described above, it is crucial to have an absolute overview of its customers and business activities. In today's fast-paced business environment, such a company must not get lost in the amount of information scattered in different places. When data is not clear and centralized, important business opportunities can be missed. Imagine how frustrating it can be when there isn't a clear view of all customer interactions.


The extremely demanding and time-consuming processes of reporting and data analysis can slow down the business, ultimately affecting its ability to grow and compete. Coordinating such a large team and maintaining high work efficiency becomes an almost impossible task without the right tools.


Speed and efficiency are an absolute necessity these days. If a company like this does not have the right access to information, it risks losing customers, which would also result in the loss of their position in the market. This company needed a solution that would allow them to centralize all information, optimize processes, and maximize their team's efficiency.


Fortunately, we had the privilege of working with this company and provided them with a solution that meets their exact needs. With our innovative approach to information management and data analysis, they can now work faster, more efficiently, and with more confidence. Communicating with customers, managing customer data, and coordinating the sales team became a complex task that required a well-thought-out solution.


At this critical moment in the company's development, APLISO CRM comes in – a tool that delivered exactly what the company needed. With its help, they were able not only to centralize all customer data and improve communication with their clients, but also to increase the productivity and efficiency of their team.

Result? Increase in customer satisfaction and optimization of business processes, which ultimately led to better results.



6 years of cooperation, 90 users, 100,000 documents + tasks/year, 4 APLISO modules

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