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References - Fleet


Our important partner has been engaged in the office supplies business for many years. This online store is extremely respected on the Czech market, not only because of its wide portfolio of products, which includes everything from office paper, armchairs and furniture, to refreshments and hygiene products. And all this with a guarantee of fast delivery throughout the Czech Republic, often even tomorrow and for free!


With an impressive turnover of 1.5 billion euros. With a profit of over CZK 19 million, our partner is a great example of a successful business in the field of office supplies. With a team of 300 employees, it has been working tirelessly to meet the needs of its customers and to develop itself for 27 years. Whether it's diaries, calendars, ergonomic accessories or computer accessories, this store is synonymous with quality and reliability. It is a real honor for us to have such a partner.


In an industry in which our important partner specializing in office supplies with such a wide range of products operates, fast and efficient delivery to customers throughout the Czech Republic is crucial. Their fleet, made up of vans and cars, is an essential tool for them to achieve business success. However, managing such a large fleet of vehicles comes with its challenges.


Imagine the complexity of keeping track of all deadlines, keeping documents in order, monitoring operating costs, and ensuring that every vehicle is in optimal condition and always ready to go. Fleet management can be extremely challenging, and any inaccuracy or omission can lead to hefty fines, increased operating costs, and potentially a breach of customer confidence.


Our solution was focused on this problem. Thanks to our innovative platform, we have helped our partner streamline fleet management, minimize the risk of missed deadlines, loss of documents or problems with assigning drivers to vehicles. In addition, our technology allows you to monitor driver performance and safety, which helps to optimize operating costs and increase business efficiency. Our goal is for our partner to be able to focus on what they do best, and we take care of the rest.


As part of our cooperation with a leading company in the field of providing services to citizens and companies, where the effective management of a large fleet of vehicles plays a key role, we had the honour to introduce a revolutionary solution called APLISO FLEET.


Imagine an ecosystem where all the information related to your company's vehicles, from service books to driver contracts, is integrated into a single digital environment. And that's exactly what APLISO FLEET offers. All important events, inspection dates, insurance and service inspections are now easy to track, minimizing the risk of possible complications and fines.


Thanks to our solution, the company can easily assign drivers to individual vehicles, monitor their performance and safety records. The result is maximized efficiency, compliance with all regulatory regulations, and reduced operating costs. APLISO FLEET has not only proven to be a valuable tool for this company, but has also underlined its commitment to continuous innovation and process improvement for the benefit of its customers and employees.


11 years of cooperation, 100+ users, 80,000 documents+ tasks/year, 5 APLISO modules

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