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Here we have a true giant in the field of logistics, combining a long tradition with an innovative approach. They focus on providing end-to-end solutions for your industry. Whether regional, national, or international needs, this company offers tailor-made solutions, whether it's multi-channel or omnichannel logistics.


Their expertise includes specific logistics solutions with high added value for industries such as automotive, electronics, textiles, cosmetics, lifestyle, healthcare and industrial logistics. They are among the market leaders in contract logistics, offering value-added services such as assembly, repairs and deliveries in exact sequence.


Not only do they operate in more than 50 logistics hubs across Europe, but they are also perfectly connected on a global level. With its years of experience in international customs and foreign trade, it will save you costs, time, and valuable resources. And their internal IT department? They develop customized solutions for your digital transformation and e-commerce. Everything from transparent BI tools to the construction or further development of your online store.


In the world of logistics and supply chains, keeping everything moving and in harmony is crucial. However, the challenges of administration and procurement management can disrupt this rhythm. Every day, employees search for orders, check invoices, and detect discrepancies between them. It's a real conundrum.


In today's rapidly changing business landscape, it is essential to have quick and clear answers to all of these questions. Why? Because every ambiguity, every delayed or incorrect figure can mean complications that your business cannot afford. Erroneously processed orders and invoices, unclear processes and delays in communication can lead not only to losses, but also to damage to your business relationship with key partners.


In a world where trust is so important, such a failure in purchasing processes can easily damage your reputation. And that's something that no leading logistics company can afford.


Imagine a world where your purchasing processes are smooth, efficient, and absolutely flawless. Imagine that you have a tool in your hand that allows you to focus on your core business without constantly worrying about administrative matters. This is exactly the solution we offered to this leading logistics company in the form of our product APLISO PURCHASE!


Let's start at the beginning. This firm faced complex purchasing challenges, which led to unnecessary complications. APLISO PURCHASING stepped in and completely transformed their purchasing processes. How?

We offered advanced OCR technology that ensures automatic extraction and processing of data from invoices. Manual errors have been minimized, resulting in significant time and resource savings.


But that's not all! Our centralized and automated solution provides intuitive order and invoice management, making the process of creating, tracking, and approving orders, matching invoices easier than ever. The company now has an accurate overview of everything it needs, in real time. APLISO PURCHASING not only increases efficiency, but also adds confidence. Our goal was to create a solution that would help the company grow and develop without being hampered by administrative hurdles. And that's exactly what we've achieved.

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