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The company is a dominant player in the field of food distribution in the Czech Republic. With 15 years on the market. The company's sales exceed CZK 14 billion and the profit is almost CZK 800 million. Their history dates back to 1990 and today they boast the position of the largest food distributor in the country. The company offers fast and free distribution of goods throughout the Czech Republic with more than 800 modern vehicles. Deliveries can be up to twice a day in larger cities, and most of them are free. The vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art refrigeration technology and the goods are distributed from strategic in-house depots. Their emphasis on high quality and the ability to bring exclusive offers emphasizes their prestige in the market. For us, working with such a client is a source of inspiration and pride.

Surely you understand how complicated it can be to manage and manage sales in such a company. On a daily basis, you are confronted with challenges such as monitoring order quantities, handling invoices, ensuring their correctness and checking for associated discrepancies. In a world where digitization and rapid response dominate, it's hard to keep up while ensuring that all your documents are compliant with ever-changing legal standards.

If you don't handle these aspects properly, you may encounter a number of complications. The slightest mistake in billing can disrupt the relationship with your customer. Non-compliance with regulations can result in financial penalties or even legal penalties. Worst of all, administrative matters take away time that could be better spent on expanding and growing your business. You have a great distribution network, but proper sales management and administration is crucial for your continued prosperity.

When the company was faced with the challenges of sales management, we came up with APLISO SALES – an innovative and specially designed tool for their specific needs.

With APLISO SALES, we have breathed new life into their sales process! We have implemented centralized digital order management, which simplifies the entire process from ordering to delivery. But that's just the beginning! The invoice approval feature is now smooth and automated, eliminating the need for manual screening and ensuring fast and accurate processing. In addition, thanks to the automatic matching of orders and invoices, discrepancies and errors are a thing of the past.

And the best part? All invoices are digitally archived and kept secure for a legal period. So no more lost documents or the stress of finding them. APLISO PRODEJ has revolutionized their sales management system, allowing them to focus on what they do best – providing a great distribution service throughout the Czech Republic.

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